Jolie Petite Chose...

Jolie Petite Chose
Jolie Petite Chose in French means "pretty little one" - exactly what these baby mobiles are plus more! Jolie Petite Chose are handmade creations by another talented WAHM Jodie, inspired by her darling girl Charlotte.

When it comes to mobiles, we always prefer the handmade, battery-free versions that are as beautiful wall decor. I find Jolie's gorgeous mobiles less like mobiles and more like a piece of beautiful art, which means when your little bub grows up, it's still a lovely addition to a toddler room.

Her collection uses a range of pretty fabric prints to create dreamy animals and characters. It is no wonder she has been featured on many other well known blogs and recently internationally on Ohdeedoh.

I am truly drawn to the colour palette and vintage-like patterned fabrics. I really want one, just for me! So I too can dream like a baby.

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