Decor on a budget

The thought of decorating your child's nursery or bedroom can be a daunting task.

I know that even though i have the gorgeous design eye of Mina to help me, i thought i would try and see what i could find that was colourful and boisterous... and just to my boys liking, but on a budget!

So i challenged myself to find decor for the boys room on a $200 budget. They have beds, draws & cupboards, so everything else to make the room a bedroom.

This is what i found...

Love and Lollipop flags - blue $39.95
Storage boxes  - Fiona & Kate $42.95
Quilt Cover - $49.95 (on sale)
Light - $18 (approx AUD)
Name plaque is made from a canvas, materials, and painted wooden letters - $30 - DIY

TOTAL spend = $180.00

Drop by Mum's Lounge

It is amazing how many more sites have popped up designed to help mums keep track of many online shopping specials, compile it together and delivered to your inbox. Here is Emma Marks who started Mum's Lounge – a social network built by a mum for other mums who love to shop.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Emma Marks and first and foremost I am a wife and a mother to 5 gorgeous children. They all keep me very busy and there is never a dull moment around out house. 

2. How did Mum's Lounge come about?
Mum’s Lounge came about when I felt like I was spending all my time ‘googling’ products and services I needed in my day to day life as a mother.  I thought it would be great if there was a site that bought it all together and became a place Mum’s felt like they wanted to retreat to in their down time.

3. What can people expect when they go onto Mum's Lounge?
When you come to the Lounge you can expect a lot of fun and laughs with our forum and blogging and a massive array of online shops in all areas important to mums including women’s boutiques, children’s boutiques, health & fitness, beauty & pampering, help entertaining, things to do with the kids, nannies & name just a few

4. What are some of your favourite blogs? 
First and foremost I love our blogger Jolene Humphry, she is hilarious and every week she writes a new introduction for our weekly newsletter with one of her hilarious antics!

5. What was your latest online purchase?
My first niece just arrived so I have been spending a lot of time (and money) in baby boutiques shopping up big for her!

Register to become a part of their growing community or get connected via Facebook. Emma and other Mum's Lounge fans are waiting to chit chat away!

Everlasting Flowers

Wouldn't it be lovely to receive fresh flowers every second day? (Ah we can keep dreaming). You can with copy this cute idea from Found by James (a guy of course :) I love this idea because my heart breaks every time I have to throw away a bunch of flowers. Sure, fresh flowers are irreplaceable and fake plastic flowers definitely don't cut it but this way with the single flower print is a very thoughtful idea that you can keep.

via swissmiss

Chic Yellow Nursery

If you have been following Chic Mother & Baby you'll know how much we are obsessed with Yellow!
This is a simply gorgeous sunny lovin' kids bedroom renovated by Melissa for her daughter Penelope of I Still Love You blog.

Every room needs a statement poster and the 'LOVE' poster is just perfect.

Green & Gold Spirit

Australia Day is upon us, to me it has always been about the bonus public holiday but with the flood devastation it really makes me appreciate being in a country with great community spirit.

I've always wondered why the sporting colours are green & gold - it has nothing to do with our national flag. Here is one answer from Department of Foreign Affairs
Green and gold were proclaimed Australia’s national colours by the Governor-General on 19 April 1984. Before the proclamation Australia had no official colours, although three colour combinations traditionally had a claim to be Australia’s national colours: red, white and blue; blue and gold; and green and gold.
Hmm, it still doesn't explain how they were chosen - just out of a jar? magic 8 ball? GG's favourite colours at the time? What are your theories?

Suboo Yellow & White St Barts Bag
Chuck Taylor Converse Green
Alice & Olive Lime Dress
Ah Tissue Aussie Aussie Pom Poms
Notebooks - Shopoholics Gift Pack

A Summer Picnic

Weather like this is perfect for a visit to Moonlight cinemas where you can enjoy the cool summer breeze while watching a movie with your gal pals. Think cheese, dips, fruit and of course wine - but don't forget about your own essentials like sunscreen, repellent, lip balm, tissues etc.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Oversized Sunnies
Emeri Sparkling Pink Moscato (very sweet)
Country Road Tribal Tote Bag
Witchery Summer Dress
Wittner Orange Sandals
Jamie Oliver Retro Cool Box

Dig Deep & Donate

Australian small businesses and WAHMs all over facebook are donating products, encouraging people to donate, sharing links and spreading the good word to bring as many as people to different auctions where 100% proceeds go to the QLD Flood Appeal. Its great everyone wants to pull their weight - and the lovely at Handmade Kids & Rudy & The Dodo Flood Appeal, Poppyseed Markets, The OZ Material Girls and many more, are donating their time in organising online auctions. There's a lot of love and generosity in the community, its overwhelming!

Chic Mother & Baby have donated Hello Hanna Robot Placemats @ Handmade Kids & Rudy & The Dodo Flood Appeal. Auction starts tomorrow 14th Jan at 11am!

You'll find I've donated my nautical and owl party printables @ The OZ Material Girls. I hope some one places a bid (thats the embarrassing bit if no one bids) - I really just hope to raise as much money as possible. Auction starts 17th Jan.

In addition - we want our customers and fans to know that $2 from every purchase from our online store will be donated to Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal.

Oz Etsy Picks by Buy Modern Baby

Our international guest blogger is Esther from Buy Modern Baby who I met via Twitter. Buy Modern Baby's blog showcases kids spaces, nurseries, hip kids and babies gear. Esther, like many other online shoppers love Etsy for its handmade variety and global shipping! You'd be surprise how many local Aussie handmade talent is on Etsy.


When I was selecting items for my child's nursery (6 years ago now!), I was frustrated that so many of the things I loved were only available abroad. Because of this, the products I choose to share on buymodernbaby are all readily available to my readers in North America. When I was asked to guest post for Chic Mother & Baby, I was excited by the opportunity to focus on items from another continent! These are my favourite Etsy picks that are made and sold in Australia...

1: The etsy shop milk and cookies creates art prints with the cutest little characters. I'm in love with Birthday Bear but Mr. Schnitzel is a close second.

2: Buntings are all the rage right now for both nursery and party decor, but I haven't seen anything quite like this set of three vintage fabric buntings from naughty shorts.  They are bright and beautiful.

3: I've heard of Paul & Paula at Hickey Clothing, but it's waaaay cooler than I expected. Shark, dragon and bat hoodies?! Fantastic! And as the red hooded sweatshirt was always a staple in my childhood wardrobe, the Ladybug Hoodie can't be beat.

4: It was hard choosing my favourite print from printspace, but it's hard not to fall in love with this penguin family!  If these colours don't suit you, visit the shop to see their other adorable creations. 

5: I would have loved Penelope from Little Wooden Shoe when I was a girl.  One of you MUST take her home as my own boys wouldn't quite appreciate her. 

6: The sock monkey mobiles from Snickerdoodle Creations are my new favorite mobiles ever!  They come in a variety of colour combination or can be customised to suit your nursery colours.

7: Tiges and Weince makes a variety of prints and iron on transfers, but you can never go wrong with a personalised cushion.  This is a gift that would be treasured for decades. 

8: The collection of fabric wall decals from mae is precious.  I've selected the "Up Up And Away" set as my favorite, but the dress up dolls, birds or trees might be what you're looking for. 

Fortunately for me, all these items can be shipped to the U.S. You've got to love etsy!

My Colour Palette: Pink/Red Gingham

Gingham is back! BOWtique has released new range of hats which goes perfect with our Alex & Ant pink gingham onesie. As well as some other gingham patterned products: Red Toy Basket , Sophie & Jack, and Gingham Cupcake Holders 

There's a beautiful and sweet gingham party over at Kate Landers Events.

Free Printable Wrapping Bands

Enjoy these Chic Mother & Baby inspired wrapping bands. Add a nice touch and handwritten message to cookies, packaging, cards almost anything really!

  See what we'll be doing with them.

Download theme here. We'd love to see what you do with them.

My Daily Mantra

Every Girl Loves Jewellery

Mama wears DKNY Necklace Tee and Bubba wears matching Alex & Ant Necklace Tee. Accessorised with French label Very Sisters Pink Bracelet for the little girl and Love Necklace for Mama!

Incredible Birthday Cakes

Parenting website has put together a list of unique and creative kids birthday cakes like a Hamburger shaped cake using different  ingredients. Each cake comes with and a list of step-by-step instructions. Amazing! Totally blown my mind away!

Fussy Eaters

Watching little Lucas disinterests in eating his well prepared and healthy lunch/dinner, got me brainstorming for ways to make each food meal interesting. Some attempts were the purchase of the Food Face Plates and Hello Hanna Placemats to keep them entertained while eating. There are also interesting cut sandwiches that have worked well like Rocketship or Ice Cream Sandwich. Im loving the Ice Cream Sandwich which is creative use of coloured vegies. Ah great food ideas for kids parties too!

Happy New Year - 2011 Diary

Happy New Year everyone! This year I will aim to achieve my goals, set better priorities and keep track of my expenditures - so am on the hunt for the perfect diary. I love the way NoteMaker has colour coded their diary range so customers can select their ideal diary for 2011.
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