Eloise's Nursery

Thanks to Claire Miles for Frangipani Photography and Designs (you may remember her photos from a previous post) for sharing her lovely neighbour's nursery - Eloise, aged 1. Eloise's nursery is very shabby chic. My favourite idea is the ladder for hanging pieces in the room.

Inspiration for Eloise's Room: My mother gave Eloise a rabbit the day she was born. It had small pink & yellow flowers. My friend had a painting with a butterfly, a heart and Eloise's name done, also in pink & yellow.

Favourite nursery piece: Eloise's change table used to be my mother's sewing desk. It has dovetailed drawers and is really well made. I also love the "little house" woolen blanket that sits on the armchair or over the cot rail.

Decorating a baby's nursery can be quite challenging, what advice can you give other mums who want to decorate/redecorate their nursery - where should they start?
When decorating Eloise's room I chose a neutral colour scheme. It's very easy to change the look of a room with accessories when you don't have to repaint. Some colours also stimulate babies so I think it's important to think about colour choice, overstimulation can make it hard for babies to settle, not something you should aim for when setting up your child's bedroom ;)


  1. I love eloise's cardigan - very chic! Thanks again Claire for sharing this :)

  2. thank you for featuring me again Mina, your blog is the best! xx

  3. Thanks For featuring Eloise's room and to my talented neighbour Claire for taking such great photos of Sophie & Eloise and their rooms :)
    Love this blog, its helping me with ideas for no 3's nursery ;)
    Warmest regards
    Edwina x
    PS the cardigan is made from cashmere and by GANT


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