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The online world of shopping has grown so much - so much so that you can get almost anything you want at a click of the mouse. I want to introduce everyone to a gorgeous homewares, partywares and fashionable gifts - online store 'Sweet Little Birdy' run my Tara Hawley. She has impeccable taste! You can't help but be inspired to entertain - think cake stands and platters, baking accessories, urns and domes etc

1. How did Sweet Little Birdy come about?
Sweet Little Birdy is a combination of what I am passionate about. It combines my love of party styling, the colour pink, my decorating styles, my attention to detail, gorgeous home decor, my love of photography, shopping, social networking and the internet. It all started to come together when I started to compile a ‘scrapbook’ (of sorts) whenever I came across pictures and articles of things I loved – I didn’t really have any sort of goal in mind at the time but often wondered what I could do to combine all these fantastic things that I loved so much, and over time Sweet Little Birdy really just evolved and in June this year it all just seemed to click into place and I had a clear focus on where I wanted my dream to go.

We had no idea of the name and jotted a few down that we thought were suitable. ‘A little birdy’ was on the list, as the saying ‘A little birdy told me’ had become a bit of a running joke in our house so we put ‘a little birdy’ on the list as a bit of fun and it kind of stuck and we decided to use it. When we went to register the business the name was taken. A few of the other names on the list started with ‘sweet’ so we combined sweet with little birdy and we loved it!
2. What's your favourite product in the store?

I fall in love with different products all the time. One of my favourite products at the moment is our turntables with buckets ~ we used these at our launch parties as lolly holders and I absolutely loved how they worked. Our most popular items are our glass urns and jars, which are very popular for parties and events, as well as our birdcages ~ there’s just something about birdcages that a lot of people love.

3. How do you balance work, family, home and life?
I believe that a work, family, home and life balance does not mean it has to be an equal balance ~ I think the key is knowing which one needs the most attention at the time.  Family will always be first, and I am more than happy to stop what I am working on and give my gorgeous family the attention needed.  Setting realistic goals and boundaries are also important, and not being hard on yourself or expecting too much is a definite rule.

4. What do you think makes Sweet Little Birdy unique?
Not only are we an online shop, but we also want to inspire people with party styling ideas and other inspirations. We also want to help other people achieve their dream by sourcing products from the many talented and crafty people out there, and showcase them to a wider audience. Because all of our products are selected to fit within the ‘feel’ of Sweet Little Birdy, I believe it makes our store have a certain uniqueness that shines through.

5.  Whats next for Sweet Little Birdy?
We plan to continually add to our collection, introduce new ideas and inspire people with how to use our products. We also have some fun photo sessions planned, along with some local shopping days/events and some fantastic and unique wedding items are in the works.

Lucky for Chic Mother & Baby readers, Sweet Little Birdy are offering 10% off in October (and the rest of September). Enter CHIC at checkout to receive this special discount. You can also become Sweet Little Birdy's fan on facebook to keep up to date with their gorgeous products.

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