4am wake up calls


Its dark, its cold, and i just want to sleep, but Lucas thinks its time to get up!
Unfortunately I have a son who does not go back to sleep if woken after 4am! 
My husband & I were both early risers as children, but i'd just like one day where i can sleep in.
I have friends who's children are the same, so i know im not alone... does anyone have any tips on what to do with an EXTRA long day for an early riser? Apart from drink loads of coffee...



  1. Poor Kristy :( My puppy wakes me up 3am and 6am on the dot each morning!

  2. No tips but oodles and oodles of sympathy. Even if my baby manages to sleep past 4am, it's not long after 5am until the first footsteps of one of his brothers. I wish I knew the secret of those families whose children happily sleep until after 7am, or even 6 would be nice. Hope you get some great tips we could all try!

  3. Oh you poor thing. I have 3 boys, my 5 month old is rising about 5am at the moment and then the others wake as they think it is morning! No tips, just empathy! I do tend to get a lot done before 8am these days!! Washing etc etc! I find if I get moving, makes it more bearable. That and coffee!

  4. oh no! i myself am having a hard time waking up my son to go to school!

  5. My only suggestion is lots of coffee in the morning and lots of wine at night, it worked for me! Much sympathy....

  6. Oh no! My little man did that for a while. In fact he still wakes up around then, but I just pick him up and he snuggles into our bed and goes back to sleep. I hope you find a solution x

  7. i have two suggestions depending on his age! the first if he's in a cot - let him cry a little and he should learn to go back to sleep - sounds cruel and its not and we just did it with our 18 month old. Maternal health told me all kids do it for spring and they just want to play! and you know what 48 hours later she's back to sleeping! IF he's older there's a special clock you can get that changes colour at the time you set and then he know he can get out of bed or call for you - friends tell me its amazing!! check out grobag for one!! good luck! xx

  8. I agree with ronit. Had to do the same with my 18 month old girl as much as I hated it. It was only two morning until it worked too! Now if she wakes and can't re-settle herself I give her a non-spill cup of water and she usually settles.

    Have you tried slightly earlier to bed? Sometimes that helps too if it's been a big day.

    Advice for the early morning? Curl up on the sofa together and watch In the Night Garden, you with only one eye open!


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