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Meet Vesna owner of My little jedi, mum to Aniken and a great friend of the chic mother & baby blog. Her range of fairytale and kawaii characters, stationery and adorable gifts keeps growing and growing. She also sources cute stationery like the fruit memo pads from around the globe. You'll find Vesna active on facebook and her blog, you'll sure become more of a shop-o-holic :)

1. How did my little jedi come about? “My little jedi” label was born from my love of cards, beautiful paper and passion for all things pretty. To sum up my style ~ A delicate mix of girly & vintage with just the right amount of a modern & whimsical touch. The inspiration behind the name comes from my gorgeous 11 month old son Aniken {name is from Star Wars}. I loved the name from the minute my husband suggested it to me, it’s very unique. That is how “My little jedi” was born.

2. Whats your favourite product from your store? I love the apple & pear fruit memo pads. I have 2 sitting on my desk starring at me; they look so delicious, good enough to eat. ☺

3. What is your favourite colour palette at the moment? I’m loving red/pink/grey at the moment. I have recently re-vamped my logo with this colour palette and I absolutely love it!

4. Where do you get most of your handmade inspiration from? The online world is such an incredible resource full of eye-candy and inspiration. I can spend hours looking online and seeing gorgeous designs & often feel overwhelmed by the amount of inspiration that is available via fashion & craft blogs, etsy & magazines. Also the new wave of WAHM's and their amazing ideas are so inspiring to me.

I swoon over so many gorgeous paper designs featured on blogs and love sharing them with my blog readers! I’m obsessed with paper doilies, bold colours, paisley patterns, vintage art, fairytale books…all in moderation, of course ;)

5. What's next for My little jedi? My goal is to grow my business and still be happy doing what I do. I hope to inspire others in the process, to start their own business. I have so many new ideas and designs in mind and I look forward to making them a reality. I spend many late nights creating new designs; in the hope that one day I could focus on ‘My little jedi’ on a full time basis and would get to work from home with my little boy by my side. I would eventually like to start becoming more diverse in the pieces I create, and maybe one day open my own boutique, featuring not just my work but other designs as well. My little jedi business has done well in such a short amount of time. I would just like to see it continue to succeed in the years to come.

6. Whats your day to day like? Where do I start! I get woken up by little man Aniken, poking my eyes or pulling my hair. We spend time together playing or going for a walk until its time for him to have a nap & I try to get most of my designs/orders done while he is asleep and at night after he goes to bed.  I am a night owl; I spend many hours on my laptop, emailing suppliers, sourcing new products and processing/packing orders.

There are definitely not enough hours in a day, trying to balance spending time with my son, a household & business to run. I feel very blessed to have the help of my gorgeous mum.

7. Are you finding the social networking sites like facebook, twitter and your blog driving most of your business? Definitely, social networking through Facebook, Twitter, Blogger & Skout have been amazing tools for me to connect with peers and stay updated on the latest happenings in the handmade world & drive my business. My little jedi has almost 700 facebook fans & as soon as I post something on my blog or facebook I get orders for that item within a day. Providing free advertisement for my business and get my brand known out there has been fantastic. I also love all the amazing & talented people I have met who share a passion for the same things that I do. I feel very fortunate to have my designs exposed on so many lovely blogs like Chic Mother & Baby, Handmade Kids, Little Sooti, Little Paper Lane, Rock Paper Scissors, Anika and few others. 

Congrats my little jedi for appearing in this issue Shop til you drop for kids !!!!!

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  1. Thanks for giving your lovely readers a little insight of 'my little jedi' xx


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