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Today's guest post is written by Kris Leigh, stunning photographer of Grow Photography...because your little ones grow so fast. I am so honoured to feature her on Chic Mother and Baby's blog.  Her photography is full of powerful emotions that capture the innocence of a baby/child and the intense love and gentle care from a family. I love that she leaves all these wonderful comments on our blog too :)

I hate having my photo taken!

I always look terrible in photos!

I'm not very photogenic!

Sound familiar, lol! I must say, even as a photographer I'm guilty ofsaying these things over and over again and it's something that I hearfrom my clients a lot. While talking to a lovely lady the other day, shementioned to me that she would like some photos of her boys but that herand her husband didn't like photos of themselves and so I told her alittle story:

I went to the hairdressers the other week for a new colour and cut. My mumhad asked me to take a couple of photos afterwards and put them onfacebook so she could see how it looked. I of course cringed and thought "Well, I'm never doing that, I hate photos of myself!". But I came out of the hairdressers feeling refreshed and decided that this time, I was going to ignore that little voice in my head and do what my mum had asked.

After a little photo session with myself, (and if you've ever taken a self-portrait you know how difficult that is, lol!) I uploaded the images to the computer and slowly started to sort through them, deleting the undesirables. My 5yr old overheard the sound from the computer and came over to see what I was deleting. She looked at the images of me, realised that I was deleting them and said "Mum, don't put your images in the trash, you look beautiful!".

I'd never thought about it before but that little comment made me realise that my girls, my gorgeous girls, see me very differently to how I see myself! They don't see my bad skin, my messy hair or this or that, they see their mum. Someone who loves them unconditionally and who tells them they are beautiful, gorgeous, amazing girls "every single day!"

To me, all my clients are gorgeous not only because of what they look like but because of how they share their day with me, and how they share their love for each other with me. I am honoured and feel so utterly blessed when I'm chosen to capture a beautiful newborn, a gorgeous baby or an amazing family.

So put that little voice aside, YOU are as much a part of your childrens history as they are, and it's important that YOU are captured too!


Wow Kris, Wow. Thanks so much for being a part of our blog. Love your work! Find her on Facebook too!


  1. Thank you so much Mina! Hopefully your readers enjoyed it, lol! XOX

  2. This is a beautiful article and photo. I wish i could afford to have these family photography. Really so shy about the whole thing too.

  3. really lovely article. It gives a good example of how important it is for a photographer to connect with her clients.


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