Yoga in Style

Tomorrow I am taking the plunge and trying YOGA for the first time. I am extremely nervous and still hesitant to go for several reasons:
  1. I am not the physical exercise type of person, the only form of exercise I enjoy is shopping.
  2. I do NOT like th1ose big mirrors that have everyone staring at each other as if I am not self-conscious enough.
  3. I will feel like a total retard trying all different poses (I did some visual research), and pretty sure I will suck at all of them. Forget any balancing acts!
  4. I hate walking into the gym (in the past and as I was walking by this weekend), there are always the younger buff boys in their done up cars that seem more there "to be seen" then to really work out and focus on their body/health. Again makes me really self-conscious. Just that this gym is a convenient 5 min walk away from my place.
Having said all of that, I am looking forward to trying something new, feeling better and hopefully get better sleep without relying on prescription pills.

So after a quick search for a good yoga mat (prices range from $15 at BigW, mid-range $50 at Rebel and then there is luxury brand prices), I found that you can really do yoga in style if you were overseas (the range is heaps better!) But really a pair of black leggings or bonds fit pants and a tee will do.

1. Orla Kiely Yoga Bag 2. Stella McCartney for Adidas Yoga Mat Set 3. Three-Quarter Knit Pants by Stella McCartney 4. "I love Down Dog Tee" from Revolve Clothing" 5. Earthlust Bottle 6. Adidas HipHop Shoes 7. Nike Yellow Yoga Mat.


  1. Hi Mina! I hope you enjoyed your first yoga class (if you ended up going going that is...) I have been hooked to yoga since my early twenties, although these days it's hard to find time for it.
    Any of these stylish finds would definitely put me in the yoga mood :-)

  2. Hey love - thanks or your comment - I totally hate all the windows where boys playing squash stare. My instructor was a mid 50s lady wearing a red leotard!
    Im so sore - I should go again, but i hear sometimes you need to try a few different places before you find one thats good. I am so unbalanced!


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