Nina's House

o.m.g. a stylish baby house in a house. this is soooo brilliant, a beautiful conceptual and practical house where bub can sleep, play and poop!

The little house designed by Dave Keune accommodates all the necessities for a baby: a crib, storage and a place to change diapers. How great you can even hang mobiles off the ceiling like a room in a room! This must be very costly...

"The chest of drawers below can be opened and closed with a slight push of the knee so that both hands can still be available while changing the baby’s diapers or clothes. Playful cut-out windows ensure that parents can still keep an eye on the little one while he or she is playing in the playpen or sleeping. The entire roof can also be opened up by rolling back the roof tiles which are connected flexibly with bright yellow ropes." (from website)

Via Kid Crave.


  1. that is so cool!

  2. Can Aston please have one of these? It is so cool and just what I need. I seen it on another site somewhere too and gushed over it there too LOL. Thanks for sharing all the cool stuff =-D

  3. oh I showed my husband and he said oh whats the Dad a chippie? I should have said yes and that Aston wanted his Daddy to make him one cause the other bubba gets one too hehe


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