My Colour Palette: Green & Navy

I would have never thought blue and green could go together without looking like an underwater theme - but I think this is a HOT colour palette - the navy blues and emerald apple greens - very refreshing.

{1} Country Road Apple Top {2} Cute toddler construction messenger bag made by Mee a Bee {3} Pre-order striped paper cups at Montresor {4}Alex & Ant Navy Booties {5} Oobi Green Knitted Beanie {6} Lilly Bee Cashmere Cotton Blend Navy Striped Vest


  1. LOOOOVE Blue and green together, my absolute fav for boys and pink and green for girls! x

  2. LOVE!! How cool are the cups? xx


  3. LOVE this Post! Great work :)
    Those colours together are just divine; Love the baby beanie and I think Ill be heading over to CR for that top! x

  4. They look awesome together..not sure if you know but Oobi shared this on their facebook page too!


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