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Shannon Wright of Cuckoo for Coco recently renovated her son's room - it is fabulous with a capital 'F', sharing her photos on Facebook has left a lot of mums in absolute awe and wanting to redo their own kids room. Ah Max is one lucky boy to have a mum with great style - love those Etsy Robin&Mould purchases :)

With my business taking off I have recently needed to create a space of my own for creating so Max's original bedroom has become my work room and he has acquired a new bigger better time than now to redecorate I thought, so big boy room here we come!

Max is a 4 year old with a very distinctive sense of style, which luckily his mummy loves too (majority of the time), so it's been great to get him involved in every step of the project too. Although still a work in progress, in redoing his room I really just wanted to create a space that he will love and one that he feels he has helped designed. As he is getting older he is enjoying 'hanging out' on his own more and more, and to have a space that is just for him was really important. He has loved searching out things for his new room with me so far, for such a busy little boy I'm surprised how long he can sit still to search through websites for what he is after.

We hope to achieve a mix of purchased items and 'mummy made', after all, he is my number one fan!

Favourite Piece:
Oh such an easy choice, the cane Egg Chair!

Bought a few years ago for a bargain price at a closing down sale this chair has done the rounds through nearly every room in the house but never fully received the attention it deserves until it found it's home in Max's room. It's funny as soon as it first arrived home he claimed it as a reading chair and now that's finally what it has become, his very own little pod to curl up and read in.

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  1. I love this room, Shannon has done one amazing job. The room really looks amazing but functional too. I hope your enjoying that chair Max everytime I see your Mum's pics I just fall inlove with it all over again.
    Thanks for sharing Shannon and Mina x


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