Coloured Cupcake Stands

I know its our nursery & toy month but I just had to squeeze this in so noone misses out! These bold coloured cupcake stands available at Paper Scissors Rock Stationery are going to sell like hotcakes. What a great party accessory or...why not just because for the kitchen bench if you are a keen baker. This sturdy cardboard 3-tier cupcake stands that hold 28-32 standard cupcakes and 50-54 minis. Comes in Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, White and Black. While you are there, you might as well check out their range of cupcake wrappers by Paper Eskimo and the Cupcake Wrapper Co to compliment your new cupcake stand :)

Nikki of Paper Scissors Rock Stationery has just informed me that they are not yet uploaded on to their website but, if you checkout their facebook page, there are plenty of orders plus her email box is flooded!!


  1. Thanks Mina. We love them and have already had to re-order! They sure are heading out the door so quickly!

  2. Oh wish I had of known about these for my baby shower! Oh well will have to buy some for the kids birthday parties and just to have on hand for morning tea with friends. Thanks for sharing with us!


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