Wine Time: Good Health

Good Health
I am a bit of a magazine junkie and have expanded my interests to health magazines. Today for wine time (without any wine) I am enjoying 'Good Health'. It has a nice mix of articles on nutrition, psychology, fitness and beauty as well as a touch of fashion & style too! My favourite section is 'Eat Smart' which has great meal ideas for a healthier lifestyle. It is really interesting getting to know more about what we digest (fruits, snacks, greens, cheese - there is a whole lot of info)

This month's Good Health has:
+ Tips to fight colds & flu (as well as the myths)
+ headache health book
+ earthly pleasures (organic beauty products)
+ the green zone
+ cheese whiz
+ much much more... this month's issue will keep me entertained for a while!

I am really tempted to subscribe to Good Health Magazine because they are giving Trilogy Vital Moisturing Cream worth $38. 

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