Show & Tell: Paper Eskimo Baking Cups

Paper Eskimo Baking Cupcakes
Recently rediscovering my passion for baking, I am loving Paper Eskimo Baking Cups. The designs are simple but chic (just like Chic Mother & Baby's range of clothing ;) Believe it or not, they go straight into the oven – the paper is durable enough that it doesnt get affected by oil and butter.

But dont think the use is just for cupcakes!
  • Party favours (lollies and treats)
  • Jelly/Fruit
  • Icecream sundaes
  • Great idea – use cellophane and ribbon/twine around them and fill with treats for a nice gift or party favour idea.
  • Compliment a lot of different party themes suitable for kids & adults
They are available on a lot of online stores but I ordered mine from Paper Scissors Rock Stationery
I hope Paper Eskimo brings out more designs!

Thanks to Paper Scissors & Rock for great sale and fast delivery!


  1. How fantastic is your blog!! I stumbled across it in Pocket carnival ( i think). I get a bit carried away looking at blogs.
    Im a graphic designer/ illustrator from geelong/ victoria. and am wrapped I came across your blog.
    Keep it up.
    Clare x

  2. Love the eskimo baking cups range! they tie in with everything nicely :)
    Also loving paper scissors rock too!

  3. Oh lovely ladies thank you! We love paper eskimo baking cups they are so so lovely x Nikki


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