Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!

I would have love to buy new furniture and tableware to set a lovely table but sometimes it is a lot more fun improvising with what you can at Mum's house. For example, rummaging through the kitchen I found bamboo placemats from our Vietnam holiday.

Our mother's day tradition is lining up for 45mins for Yum Cha. This year I threw mum a surprise intimate brunch for my mother serving:

+ freshly squeezed orange juice
+ bananas
+ high mountain oolong tea
+ raspberry and white chocolate muffins (would have been nice if I thought of cupcake wrappers!)
+ buttermilk pancakes
(all using organic ingredients!!)
+ fresh orchids from local Harris Farm Markets

Would love to hear about your Mother's Day...


  1. AnonymousMay 09, 2010

    Oh I love Yum cha - we don't have one near where we live now :(
    My mothers day morning 12am shift onwards, was spent remembering why being a mum is special - my 4 year old was sick all through the night, all better this morning she says :)
    No sleep in, just being spoilt with gifts that were made by the mob of kids we've created and a very special kiss from a 12 year old boy - that just doesn't happen any more.
    Now I'm tired and want to sleep, but there's school to get ready for tomorrow.
    Happy Mother's Day everyone.

  2. We had yum cha this morning! Though with all the hustle and bustle, your breakfast looks pretty, calm and relaxing. Maybe that's what we'll do next year. Buttermilk pancakes sound great!

  3. Ah you know it is hard to cook for mum, they been cooking for so much longer and are so particular if I get a nod, I know I did ok !


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