Happy Home Socks!!

sock collection

I just bought a pair of bonds home orange fluoro socks (on sale at Best & Less for $4.96) - soOo warm and fuzzy will definitely brighten up any cold winter nights.

{1} Happy Socks! {2} Piano Keys Knee High Socks {3} High Top Converse-like Socks {4} Pink Panther Stripe Socks {5} Candy striped ruched socks {6} Juicy Couture Love You sport socks
sock collection

The cutest sock range has to be from everyone's favourite Seed store and here are some other ones

{1} Hank & Jo {2} Elegant Baby Socks {3} Tennis High Top Baby Socks {4} Nordic Socks

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  1. AnonymousMay 03, 2010

    Those converse like ones are cool!


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