DIY Simple Cowboy Party

I was set the challenge to put together a Cowboy themed party for a two year old with $200 and 12 party animals. This was my first kids party and I hope I did a good job - I really wished I was able to co-ordinate everything beautifully like Style Me Gorgeous Max's naming party. With very little experience and a tight budget, I had to really hold back on purchases and get creative and crafty.

Money & Time Saver tips:
+ Get creative with what you have at home (a dollar here and there really adds up!)
+ Send out e-card invites - people tend to reply faster via email too.
+ For fabric related ideas, I suggest you get in touch with people like Giggleberry & Zippy Zippy from Made It and see how they can customise items for you - everyone I have been in touch with from Made It are so helpful.
+ Think twice with your purchases first see what items you have leftover from previous parties and try to buy items that will have more than one use.

Decor, Toys & Party Favours: 
+ Horse Pony Sticks with sound from Toys'R'us ($50 - biggest sprluge)
+ DIY Party Brown Bag Favours ( raffia/ tiny teddies, milky bar, DIY moustache sticks, cowboy neckties by Zippy Zippy, boot shaped colouring-in sheet, horse puppets and sheriff badges)
+ Popcorn Stand & Cones - Using a large cardboard box, poked a few holes covered it up with leftover wrapping paper. For the cones - printed cowboy lucas print and folded it into a cone.
+ Flowers in glass bottle jars decorated with leftover xmas red ribbon (alternatively use can tins)
+ Vinyl red checkered tablecloth from Big W ($8)
+ Cactus Pinata ($24.95) from Party Warehouse
+ Red plates, cups & cutlery (supermarket)
+ Bunting from Lucas's nursery

Food ideas:
+ Musks
+ Wagon Wheels
+ Banana lollies
+ Milk Duds
+ Star-shaped homemade cookies (like sheriff badge)
+ Chocolate cake homemade with lots of love by mummy.
+ Nibbles like popcorn, cheezels etc...

Cowboy Outfit:
+ Moppit checkered shirt
+ Fresh Baked dark denim skinny leg jeans
+ Brown Shoes
+ Cowboy straw hat (bargain store - $7)


  1. well done on the cowboy party!!! you look more like a pro than a first timer! You really don't need lots of money to make a party look fantastic! the things in the party bags sound perfect! how did you go with cupcakes in the end?

  2. It looks great, you did a fantastic job. The little cowboy is very cute!

  3. you ladies are too kind, when you see other fabulous parties you cant help but compare! - no cupcakes in the end just those star biscuits with blue icing.


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