We have two winners!

A big thanks for everybody's input via facebook, blog and email. It was one tough decision - I really wanted to give vouchers to everyone who commented! I actually have two winners.

Winner #1 is to Miss Laurelle J (who doesn't have a URL link so I hope she is reading this please get in contact with me!) If not it will go to the runner up...(I now have an image of the runner up with their finger's crossed :)

Winner #2 is Miss Kellie from Mini Style Hive who emailed me the winning b'day present that I have decided to purchase but I can't say yet or the birthday boy's mum will see!!

Again thank you all who put in suggestions - I wish I could give away more.

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  1. Yay, you've made my morning Mina! Thanks so much!!!!


we heart comments xxoxx

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