Happy Earth Day!

There is no better way to honour earth day than to grow something in your garden with your child. Have some fun in the sun (well for sydney-siders the weather's looking AWESOME!!) or grow something indoor.

April 22, 2010 is the 40th Earth Day. What does that mean? It means celebration, education and action as a collective, locally and internationally. For me, I think its important we all practice eco-friendly practices everyday no matter how big or small, it would add up to a huge beneficial impact! However, it is good to have a recognised day where we actively learn, reflect and participate in Earth Day activities (particularly for school kids).

Little Lucas who loves to water the garden is wearing Run Scotty Run Dodgem Shorts on sale for $42 and Run Scotty Run Dog Tee.

{1} PostCarden - How clever is this? what a great card to get in the mail {2} Cutest idea ever Mini Rainboot Gardens {3} Green Indoor Gardening Kit 

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