Why Soy Based Candles?

Chic Mother and Baby Soy Candles Pick
There is nothing like a nice cup of tea,  a romantic comedy DVD or a good magazine and definitely candles as the finishing touch in the winter. I love candles and I used to splurge on candles from well know brands like Crabtree and Everylen, L'occitane, Thannh, and Dusk but now I have converted to soy based candles.

Soybean wax is a new, environmentally preferred alternative to paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is leftover residue from kerosene whereas soybean wax is biodegradable, non-toxic, and does not leave any black residue or soot (paint will last longer :) All natural soy wax candles are great for dispersing diaper smells.

These are some great gift ideas! If you know of any other great soy-based candles, leave a comment :)

So indulge in these Australian based soy-based candles we found:
1.  Mind to Body Melon and Fig by Mum to Be –  have a gorgeous luxury range of candles and other beauty goodies for mums to be.
3.  Pink Lychee Blossom Soy Barrel Candle by Dusk (35 hours burn time).
2.  Whiteport Soy Candles – Green Tea & Jasmine or Fresh Cotton scents.
4.  We highly recommend the Mango and Papaya by Illuminate candles (50 hours burn time).


  1. watermelon and fig is an interesting scent. i like your blog.

  2. I have just discovered Soy Candles too! I didn't know that they don't leave any soot, now I love them even more!
    I have one for you :)
    It is a soy wax candle called Eutopia and it is Creme Caramel scent yum! It is made by Feel Good Australia and how is this, it is designed, formulated and made in Australia!
    A winner all around!
    Go to www.feelgoodaustralia.com.au


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