Organic Toys

Why choose organic toys?
Fact is babies and toddlers will put toys in their mouth! Most manufacturers of toys use materials which are artificially made. Researchers have shown that artificial products cause many ailments and affect the health of the child such as cause like allergies, asthma and even cancer. That is why Chic Mother and Baby support and stock organic toys.

How safe are organic toys?
Organic toys are eco friendly. The products that have gone into the making of the toys, say for example wood, are not exposed to any type of pesticides.

Although they may cost little more than the other toys, organic toys are the safest and therefore it is worth investing in them. For example, Keptin-Jr toys are stuffed with organic cotton instead of synthetic plush or Dandelion Crinkle Bear are made from organic cotton.

Make a sustainable and safe choice when it comes to buying toys for your little bub. Here is so more information to support our organic range. Our organic toy range is suitable from birth.

1. NEW Dandelion Toy Range Crinkle Bear, Duck, Bunny, Flower and Pear-Shaped Book. All of Dandelion toys are made with 100% organic cotton. The velour fabric and waffle-weave, are incredibly soft and last through baby's teething period, playtime and machine washings.

2. Keptin-Jr
Invest in Keptin-Jr. (made in the Netherlands) collection of soft, comfortable and natural toys for babies & toddlers. Keptin Jr’s attention to detail is amazing!
  • Their toys are made from natural cotton wool, which easily absorbs the mother’s & child’s natural smells & matching temperature. 
  • The colourful toys have been bleached without chlorine and are dyed using non-metal dyes. 
  • As babies will chew, Keptin-Jr have made sure that the toys have durable fabric, reinforced stitching & no small parts.
  • Keptin Jr designs are simple to help stimulate the child’s creativity
  • Suitable from birth and perfect baby shower gift
All these organic toys and other organic products have 10% off – enter ECOWEEK at checkout. Valid until 26th March.

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    1. How wonderful! What a great range! I agree that it would be a perfect baby shower gift and I bet once the mum starts using it when the baby is born, they would never look back after seeing how great they would be.


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