Friday Finds: Meet the Twist Family!

Twist Sponges are eco-friendly and chic
Meet Dish Dumpling, Loofah Scrubby, Ravioli Scrubby and Sponge Blossoms. Here to help make cleaning the dishes a bit nicer (apparently :) House cleaning doesn’t top most people’s list of favorite activities. But according to Twist Sponges, "We think it's because a lot of people don't love what they're cleaning with."

The genius of the sponge design is that its 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, dye-free and looks a lot nicer than the average supermarket sponges.

The Sponge Blossoms is interesting - its dehydrated sponges that comes as a set so that when you’re done with one, you simply unloop another one, give it a drink of water and you got yourself a full sized ready to clean sponge!

I'm still not convinced that I would enjoy cleaning more (but who would?!) but I know it will sit a lot nicer in my kitchen and helping the planet is a great bonus! Wish we could buy them here locally!

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  1. I have heard about these too and they sound like something I would love to try. I try so hard to like cleaning, I get all prep and the motivation just goes out the window! haha! But I would like to get my mitts on these, haha! so bad I know! I love they are great for the environment, I wonder how long a normal sponge takes to breakdown?


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