Chic, Sexy & Comforable while Pregnant? Absolutely!!!!

Hotmilk lingerie is comfortable and on sale!

I don’t know if you were like me when you were pregnant, but fitting into my normal underwear seemed to get harder & harder as the months went by. Also not to mention stretching all my beautiful lingerie, of which I would have to replace once I’d stopped breastfeeding.

This is when I started wearing my HOTmilk lingerie. It held up during the growing & slimming days (these are my post baby days where my jelly belly was starting to shrink back to my pre-baby days!)

The support in HOTmilk’s bras, and feeding tops is superb! I honestly forget that there is no underwire in the bra’s & ‘my girls’ are not feeling neglected at all! The fit, style and comfort of their products are genuinely great and i will also honestly say that the knickers are the most comfortable knickers ever! They compliment the bra’s and you also feel a little bit chic whilst wearing them, even if I am wearing my track pants around the house that day!

We are offering some super special prices on HOTmilk this month, so be sure to check out our sale. Be quick as stock is limited & wont last at these prices.

You will honestly love your HOTmilk purchases. I promise you’ll feel a little bit chic whilst wearing your HOTmilk lingerie pieces.

If you love HOTmilk too be sure to share your experience, so other mums-to-be can feel comfortable too! 
If you need help with sizes, do not hesitate to contact me!
1. HOTmilk Her Playfulness was Captivating Bra & Brief 2. HOTmilk Sweet Reminiscence Maternity Camisole 3. HOTmilk Sweet Reminiscence Maternity Brief 4. HOTmilk She embraced the moment bra 5. HOTmilk She embraced the moment bikini


  1. Thats great - I really like HOTmilk

  2. I completely agree! I practically lived in the nightie you have pictured above it was super comfortable, if only I could have worn it to the shops, maybe that would be a great selling feature. The fabric is so soft!


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