Green & Gold Spirit

Australia Day is upon us, to me it has always been about the bonus public holiday but with the flood devastation it really makes me appreciate being in a country with great community spirit.

I've always wondered why the sporting colours are green & gold - it has nothing to do with our national flag. Here is one answer from Department of Foreign Affairs
Green and gold were proclaimed Australia’s national colours by the Governor-General on 19 April 1984. Before the proclamation Australia had no official colours, although three colour combinations traditionally had a claim to be Australia’s national colours: red, white and blue; blue and gold; and green and gold.
Hmm, it still doesn't explain how they were chosen - just out of a jar? magic 8 ball? GG's favourite colours at the time? What are your theories?

Suboo Yellow & White St Barts Bag
Chuck Taylor Converse Green
Alice & Olive Lime Dress
Ah Tissue Aussie Aussie Pom Poms
Notebooks - Shopoholics Gift Pack


  1. OMG! I'm be dreaming about that yellow and white bag for weeks!!!
    I must have it!

    Happy Australia Day.

  2. I desperately want that bag! Must have it! Ironic that South African colours are also green & gold, don't you think? Hehe.

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