Summer Essentials

Summer essentials for the beach
I’ve recently bought a new beach bag & have pre-packed all our goodies for the beach so that when the sun shines, we are out the door!

I’ve got the whole routine of getting out the door organised, and apart from grabbing some beach toys & food, these are some essentials packed in our bag.


  1. great picks for the beach. Too bad I am in Chicago....we won't be heading the beach anytime soon unless we go on a vacay.:)
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  2. Could you suggest some good beach totes at all??

  3. Country Road, Witchery, Seafolly etc have some nice canvas bags..

  4. Hi.. i have been meaning to post my beach tote name, but kept forgetting to look. It is by pink mink. its huge & fits everything including beach toys! I got it for $40..
    Tigerlily do some Ok bags, but they are fairly $.
    Hope this helps
    kristy x


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