Giving back to those in need

I am very proud to say, that this year, I am helping the less fortunate. This is the first year that I have (very sad considering my age), but im thoroughly looking forward to it. I also have a friend who is sending pre-loved baby clothes to Cambodia.

If you feel like giving this year, find a worthy cause in your local community where you can help out the less fortunate.

It might include buying a present & putting it under the Kmart Christmas Tree, cleaning out the kids toy collection & donating it to the local charity, or helping at a Soup Kitchen. Whatever it is, you should be proud to know that you've hopefully put a smile on someones face at Christmas time.

P.S - Consider shopping at Oxfam its all tax deductible!


  1. I'm planning on donating to the Salvos this Christmas and I've already dropped off several bags of pre-loved clothes to a few charities. Christmas really is the best time!

  2. Exactly. I keep thinking about all the people who have nothing & how something so little (to us) can mean so much for them!


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