Etiquette at the park

Its been a while since we've posted a Wednesday Wonder! Wednesday Wonder is a time we hope other mums can share their views so please do join in the discussion.

I wanted to ask other mums out there, in particular mums of young children, what is the etiquette at the park?

I witnessed today a mum telling another mum (not very politely) to stop her son from riding his scooter near them as he had pushed over 3 children.

Now I know this child, and this is far from his character. Although I did not see this, I really doubt he pushed anyone over (he was probably more likely riding too close to them on his scooter & they fell over themselves - they looked around 12mths)

But what is park etiquette these days? Is it wrong of me to think that this mum was a bit rude? That she clearly does not understand he is only 4, and didn't mean it?

I say this, as I'm usually the mum apologising for my son's path of destruction, but i would never get angry at another parent if their child did something that was likely to be an accident.


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  1. I know what you mean! I've just come from Playgroup this morning and apologised to several other Mums when my son wasn't sharing the cars. I hate to see Mums attacking other Mums over kids' behaviour. I think we need to chill a bit -of course, protect them but they are going to be kids!

  2. Hi, I must admit that I have snapped at a couple of parents so far. And this was only because their child's behaviour was out of line and the parent chose to ignore it time and again! One grandmother even smiled at her grandson as he pushed my child over, there was no way I was keeping quiet that day.

  3. I'll admit to losing it once when my son was only a little baby. I grabbed him out of the play circle and stomped off after glaring rudely at the offending parent. I didn't say anything and I am so glad as I felt really silly afterwards.
    Now that my son is older I have chilled quite a bit. He's been involved in some park incidents.
    I think I would move myself away from a kid on a scooter if I thought he was coming too close rather than say something.
    Overall I think parks are awful places since the mums are so cliquey and territorial. I ONLY go when there are no other mums around, early in the morning or after school - save ourselves some stress!!


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