August's ingredient of the month is yoghurt. I hate yoghurt, (I do like frozen yoghurt but thats not real yoghurt). My dietitian says I have to learn to like it. Apparently the good bacteria for my body such as lactobacillus acidophilus outweighs my decision not to eat it. To encourage me, my dietician said to 'be creative and come up with a unique combo with fruit, granola, cereal and nuts' as well as to try different yoghurt flavours. The trouble is I don't like cereal, grains or nuts!

I do like the idea of building my yoghurt like a parfait with lots of yummy sweet layers or a yoghurt mousse or as cupcake icing fancy like strawberry rhubarb and youghurt cupcake ... or maybe if I serve it into a nice cocktail glass as if its a dessert? Ok so these are different ways to avoid eating the yoghurt raw...

So, what are your favourite yoghurt combos? What some tips getting over the yoghurt taste? Can I just have a banana smoothie instead?!

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  1. You just need to find a super yummy one like The Greek Yogurt Co. Mmmmmm they have a delicious orange curd one, and lemon curd...... I wonder if they are still healthy?


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