More Aussie Blog Heroines

Blogging is a great leisure activity and therapetic to share your thoughts and finds. And its free! There are plenty of resources available to help you start blogging via blogger platform or wordpress. Here are a few more empowering female Australian bloggers to add to your blog list. All these women make me want to become a better blogger!

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1. Eat Drink Chic - Amy Moss is the most stylish and generous blogger designer I have come across. She creates a lot of printable freebies that are shared all around the world. Everything she posts I want, it is all gorgeous and incredible. *Sigh* so envious of her talent.

2. My Life - My Loves by Sharnel, Mum & Party Stylist. A great read with lots of party inspiration. You'll also find her in the September issue of Peekaboo Magazine.

3. Lil Magoolie - (Australian-New Zealander) all mothers will be in shopping debt following her blog. She brings the world of colourful modern products to the Southern Hemisphere.

4. Little Sooti - another stylish party blogger turned party stylist about to launch some party goodies too.

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