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I fell in love with Tracey's Flying High Kite Party for her boy's 1st birthday party that I had to get in touch with Tracey for a guest feature. Her images of her family, food and events are just so breathtaking! She'll knock you off your feet - a mum of 5 with a documents her musings on her blog, with a talent in photography and styling!

1.  How did Tracey Lau Art & Soul come about?
The name Tracey Lau Art & Soul is a reflection of who I am, what I do and where it comes from.  For me, what I do, is a form of art, and an expression of how I see the world.  As a person I would say I am quite soulful, I feel and think deeply, and it would be my greatest desire to create work that comes from my heart and my soul and, in turn, impacts upon yours.  I began the blog as a place to express my heart and consolidate and record what I do as well as a creative outlet, encouraged by my Doctor as a way to assist in recovery from Post Natal Depression.

I dreamed that one day my little blog would one day turn into my business, where I could take what I live and breathe and do it for a living...and that dream is slowly coming true.

2.  Tell us a bit about yourself.
Well I am married, to an incredibly generous, supportive man who I would, without hesitation, call my very best friend.  I am so blessed to have five children - three boys, and two girls, and they make my days full and rich.

I absolutely love what I almost feels like I couldn't contain it even if I tried.  I think the greatest gift that I take away from it all, whether it be taking photos or styling an event, or even simply entertaining at home, is the opportunity to make another person feel really special.  I love reaching out, in the way that I know, and saying...I see you!

3.  What's your favourite photo shoot so far?
I don't know that I could pick a favourite shoot, but I do fall in love with particular photos from each shoot.  As I look back over photos that I have taken I find myself smiling and feeling warm in my soul...that is what I would want to give to other people.

4.  What challenges have you come across as a photographer (like un co-operative kids)?
This is where having so many children really comes in handy.  My children all have such different personalities and my youngest was an amazingly difficult baby to shoot.  Having to deal with this personally, makes it easier for me to deal with professionally. You really need to be able to face a wide
variety of circumstances and roll with it...since that is my life most days, it all seems normal to me.

5.  What's next for Tracey Lau?

I am busy working behind the scenes for the "official" launch of my Photography and Styling Business as well as my Online store. Things are very, very busy over at my little home.

6.  What would be some "ideal" themes you'd love to shoot?
Well I have an unexplainable, insane love of France, so setting up a shoot with a distinct French flavour would be something I would absolutely love to do. I have a few themes coming up, but then I might be giving too much away...maybe I will just say, stay tuned!

See more of her photography at Tracey Lau Art and Soul

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