Show & Tell: Hana - Letters to My Imagination

This is the crafty handy work of Bunaciu Alina, 23 years old, who lives in Romania in a quite small city called Arad. I absolutely adore her handmade felt characters that look like they have just popped out from a woodland storybook - the style is just too cute! I LOVE ALL OF THEM. You can purchase these felt accessories and see her collection at her etsy store.
I adore children illustrations and books, I am quite childish myself. My inspiration comes from the things I love as: children stories, small animals, dolls, small decoration objects of all kinds.
Hana means flower in Japanese and grows on the back of my pins everytime, that is why I like to say that 'I plant flowers on the back of my pins'.
Thanks for following our blog Alina, we love international blog followers (and so glad you did otherwise we wouldn't have discovered your lovely work)!


  1. These are beautiful!

  2. What gorgeous little characters, I adore them. Thank you so much for sharing them. ;)

  3. I know isnt the stitching and the characters wonderful???

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous - what a talent! :)


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