Poppy's Room

Aside from a stylish room, an important consideration is storage! Kids grow so fast out of clothes, toys and books its important to think carefully about maximising the space without crowding your child's style.

Kellie from Mini Must Have shares with us her 3-and-half-year-old Poppy's room. What a great investment the retro kitchen is - I think we may have a masterchef in the making.

1. What was your inspiration for the room? When Poppy moved into a big bed I searched for what seemed like forever to find a quilt cover that I liked and one that would set the tone for the rest of the room. I loved the Kukunest range and at that time I could only find one place in AU that stocked the Japanese lantern print which I thought would be perfect for her room. I loved the dominant red colour and the Asian theme tied in with Poppy being half-Asian herself (though she is Filipino). I also loved the way the pink and red colour combination reflected her personality - feisty and bold but oh so sweet at the same time.
2. What is your favourite piece in Poppy's room?
  1. Corban and Blair frame that we customised with the word LOVE in it. This has been in her room since birth and I love the beauty of its simplicity.
  2. Red retro style kitchen - very cool and a classic play piece. Also doubles as great storage for all of those utensils and cooking items. Best of all, it's not made from plastic!
  3. Fizz lamp - When I was putting Poppy's room together a few years ago I struggled to find a children's lamp that wasn't covered in cliched kiddy prints. This lamp is from Freedom and we just added a dimmer switch to make it more user-friendly for a child's room.
  4. Ikea Trofast storage system - since we live in a small space we need to be creative when it comes to storage. The Ikea Trofast system is perfectly designed for kids and we installed two of them in Poppy's wardrobe to house all of her toys we seemed to be constantly tripping on.
3. What advice can you give for mums who want to decorate/redecorate their nursery?
Invest in classic pieces of furniture that will make the transition from 'baby's room' to 'child's room'. Poppy's bed was on the expensive side but we also considered the under-bed storage option that came with it. We also had a neutral colour palette to begin with (white walls, cement coloured curtains, grey carpet) so adding colour on top was easy. Incorporate elements that reflect your child's personality and think carefully about storage - such an important thing to think about when you consider all of those little toys that kids seem to accumulate.

4. If you had no budget what would you definitely invest in?
Since we have a 7 month old as well I have already begun searching for bunk beds that I like. I am loving the low-lying Amber in The Sky Bunk Bed which is priced at over $2000. Better start saving!


  1. Thanks Mina! Of course, Poppy's room always looks this tidy - NOT! That little kitchen hides a whole stack of bits and pieces.

  2. Thanks for sharing Kellie! The kitchen is awesome!

  3. this room is fantastic and has inspired me to also use what i already have and add on!! have to ask where is that fantsitcally simple chest of draws from everything i find is either too plain or too fancy!!!


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