Little Bird Decor

Now is the perfect time to introduce Little Bird Decor during our Nursery & Toy month at Chic Mother & Baby. For all your little touches to a girl or boy nursery, you'll find it at Little Bird Decor (especially if you are looking for cute and whimsical decals which are a huge hit at the moment). You can join Maryanne Priestly and her store on facebook.

1. How did the name Little Bird Decor come about?
The name came up as we wanted something that was little – which represented little people or kids and we went with the bird because they are just so cute, who doesn't like a little bird?

2. Which is your favourite product from your store?
My current favourite product in store is our Reflections mirrors - they are just so different and kid friendly, a great way to finish a themed bedroom.

3. Best sellers/Most popular purchases?
Out best sellers for the girls are the Ballerina Reflections Mirrors, Our Ballerina, Pastel Owls, Whimsy Nature and the Owls decals. For the boys our best sellers are the Monsters, Farm Animals, Robots, Sailing Teddies, Pirates and Transport decals.

4. What advice do you have decorating a nursery?

My advice for decorating a nursery is not to forget about the little finishing touches, like co-coordinating pillows, rugs, wall art, lamps etc. It really is the little things that people often forget but the most important in finishing off a theme.

5. Whats next for Little Bird Decor? I often get asked that question, I would love to have co-ordinating linen for nurseries and kids rooms that match out themes, perhaps even lamp shades, and more bedroom accessories. I'm always on the look out for products that are a little different.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the bold colours used in this nursery and I am eyeing off the nautical teddy bears for my bubs nursery... now I just need to find some unused wall space! ha!

  2. We havent forgotten about your nursery Emma :)

  3. These colorful owls should look fantastic in baby nursery room! And I would certainly use the marine themed bears to decorate my toddler's bedroom! They are so cute and joyful!!!


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