Hugh's Nursery by Nest Design Studio

Our first nursery showcase is none other than Belinda, interior designer/decorator Nest Studio Design. What is different about Nest Design Studio is an online design service so it doesn't matter where you are in Australia, she'll be able to use her magic touch. Belinda took some time out to tell us about Hugh's nursery (which was featured in Little One Baby) and answer a few of my questions. I also gave her a little Chic Mother & Baby challenge :)

1. What was your inspiration for the room?
Through all my ‘googling’ for nursery inspiration, I really loved the tree’s that were being used (having said that, they are absolutely everywhere now & can’t wait to re-decorate Hugh’s big boy room! – I like my rooms to stand out from the crowd!).  I couldn’t find any decals I liked, so using a tree as inspiration, I painted it on. I also loved that I could tie in Owls (again – these were hard to find when I was doing Hugh’s room, but now they are everywhere!). I love using Blue (for girls & boys) and added in navy & red (we used a lot of red through our house & we were able to have some continuity through the rooms).

2. What is your favourite piece in the nursery?
I love the tree. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into the room & is a standout feature. I also love the sentiment of it as well.....I painted an apple on one of the lower branches (I had a miscarriage before having Hugh & we had nicknamed the baby Apple). It’s lovely to sit in the chair holding Hugh but surrounded by a little dedication to our first baby. (CMB: What a beautiful sendiment)

3. Decorating a baby's nursery can be quite challenging, what advice can you give for mums who want to decorate/redecorate their nursery - where should they start?
  • Start collecting images you love, you will find a common theme or colour (that goes for decorating any room!) that keeps popping up!
  • Work with items you love! Many times, a client will have a piece of furniture (be it a chair, dresser or even a quilt) that has been in the family & want to incorporate it into the room.
  • Use what inspires you.
  • Good design doesn’t have to equal expensive!
  • Often, my job as an Interior Designer, is to just put the pieces of the puzzle together! Clients have some sort of image that they want to create, but can be overwhelmed and unsure where to start. It’s such a compliment when clients tell me that they didn’t know what they wanted, but what I put together for them is exactly what they pictured (if that makes sense!).

Chic Mother & Baby's Mini Challenge:
With this zoolight lamp available from Chic Mother & Baby's store - what ideas would you have for the nursery (themes, colours, complimenting products etc...) i.e work the room theme around this product I’ve attached a board I recently completed for one of my clients (as above), we went for a neutral elephant inspired nursery. Here is the elephant inspired moodboard in detail

So be sure to visit Nest Design Studio's blog to see snippets of her work, inspirations and moodboards.


  1. Great post. Belinda is very talented and i LOVE Hugh's room!

  2. Gorgeous nursery Mina, thanks for sharing. I love red/grey/white combo.. Those are the colours of my son room as well :)

  3. LOVE the owls and the red/navy/white colour palette. What a stylish little nursery, great post Mina! Xx

  4. Thanks to Belinda - shes the talent!!


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