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This week, the News has been horrible with random home invasions, mother shot her own baby and murder in our country that sometimes it is easier to silence out tragic and read only the entertainment stories. That is what I am doing during Friday's wine time with a hot cup-of-soup reading OK! Magazine. I just want to look at pretty celebrity fashion and pictures. Looking at paparazzi pictures does make you appreciate our privacy. I mean I honestly don't care about celebrities and their daily activities but it is entertaining (like how they can interpret a celebrities relationship based on one captured moment and body language and how easily everything can be SO taken out of context), sometimes bizarre and other times interesting. Hey trivia knowledge can be useful for entering competitions on the radio or magazines!

Ok I have to confess sometimes standing in line at the supermarket or at the servo station if there is a special offer on one of these magazines I am likely to buy it.

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