Enjoy Cupcakes

Am sitting here with a cup of tea and a jar of chocolate M&M's for a Friday afternoon - when it suddenly dawned on me that I havent blogged about "Enjoy Cupcakes" – a cute little cupcake trailer store. Checking out their blog, I just found out that they opened a second store that compliments their 1964 restored vintage Shasta airflyte cupcake trailer. Unfortunately it is all the way in the US, but we can still enjoy the images!

The lollipop and sunshine colour palette setting is fun and stunning. Definitely one that would inspire us to entertain outdoor in the same manner for a birthday or party.

There are some inventive flavours like Chocolate Blueberry, Banana Orange Foster, Strawberry Peach Chardonnay - if anyone knows of a cupcake store like this do let us know!


  1. How gorgeous! Why is stuff like this always in the US and not closer to home?!

  2. Oh it is just so pretty!
    I love the blue cake stand :)I'm a bit obsessed with stands atm, I own about 9, in varying colours and sizes! x

  3. It's amazingly gorgeous and sounds delicious to boot.

  4. I hear ya Jacki! I think thats why I love it in the in the country that have a cute sweet shop and you get to sit outside on vintage furniture - so much character, there is a certain charm but then again I am such a Scandinavian modern kinda gal

  5. I fell in love with Enjoy Cupcakes about 12mths ago when I seen a blog post about their gorgeous trailer. Such a divine idea and executed brilliantly!! =)

  6. oh yes I remember this blog but I haven't visited in a while Thanks for sharing and reminding me to go and visit again....no wonder I have a cupcake problem! YUMMMMmm


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