Bean Bags for Kiddos

bean bag
There are some pretty cool bean bag chairs for toddlers designed by Australians. Take for example, ever so popular Cocoon Couture bean bags made from corduroy and vintage fabrics and a cute little creature. {1}

New to the market are Lelby's bean chairs, available at Little Bird Decor. Every mum's first thoughts are "what if the beans spill everywhere?" - of course all these products have taken safety measures. "The outer sleeve has a child proof zip, which requires a paper clip to release and unlock. Fill the inner sleeve over a bath or sink to avoid spillage, and then cover it with the bean chair." {2} [from Little Bird Decor's site]

My fav has got to be Punch 'n' Cuddle (not yet released) - a cross between a bag you can cuddle and a bag you can punch. The tagline is "Emotional Furniture for Kids & Kidults" I would love to have this in the office!! {3}


  1. Okay, those Punch 'n' Cuddle bags look AWESOME! What a great idea. Thanks for posting about this Mina. xo

  2. Oh I hope the punch cuddle will be available here. I could really use one (or two)

  3. I love the Punch & Cuddle, that would be a hit here - pardon the pun - great product idea!


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