A b-line Nursery

yellow nursery
This would have been the perfect Chic Mother & Baby nursery - grey and yellow are our signature colours. Love, Love, Love this nursery with all the textiles and handmade pieces. My favourite nursery detail is the mirror wall surrounded by fabric collage art, oh and that cute frog made by the proud mum-to-be (ah she just gave birth last month) AND her own bunting textile design. Despite a mix of patterns and colours the nursery still looks very fresh and in harmony. Simply beautiful! I am sure many mums out there are very jealous and wish they could re-do their nursery :)

For all the details.


  1. I cant get enough of your nursery posts, every time you post a new nursery i think 'this is my fav' until you next post lol :)

  2. This one is gorgeous! I agree with vesna, I think to myself, oh how I love this post, its my fav! And then you do it again!
    I especially love the collage around the mirror- love the unique fabric prints and of course, the yellow ;)

  3. How cute is the bunting fabric!

  4. Oh goodness, that is gorgeous! I love the grey and yellow and the mirror wall as well *sigh*


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