Wizard of Oz Party

wizard of oz

One of the 'latest' trend Montresor has spotted is a party theme based on 'Wizard of Oz'. So this post is dedicated to Suzanna, creative mind behind Montresor.

Here is an inspirational moodboard for Wizard of Oz theme ideal for a baby shower, birthday party for kids or adults.

I also put together Wizard of Oz inspired outfits from Chic Mother & Baby store. See how you can get creative with simple pieces from your child's wardrobe as sometimes it is just not practical to buy a costume outfit.

We love hearing about party theme ideas. Leave a comment and we'll do the homework for you, I am sure it will inspire Suzanna too!

Wizard of Oz Party Resources: Design Dazzle Thoughtfully Simple Oh my Handmade 
Outfits {1} Alex & Ant Striped L/S, Monstar Crochet Pants, Alex & Ant Red Shoes. {2} Classic Red Bow from Montresor, Moppit Dress & Leggings, Alex & Ant Red Mary Janes.


  1. That cupcake/house on the witch is hilarious - I love it! The little legs sticking out are so cute. What a beautiful post!

  2. I'm planning a wizard of oz party for my daughter in August. Thanks for the lovely ideas.

  3. Love it Mina Xx

    Linda, you will have to share photos :) Such a magical theme!

  4. Oh yeh, I'd love to do a follow up post Linda do share !


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