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Soccer Fever is everywhere at the moment as we countdown to the World Cup 2010. I invited expert party shop owner, Melissa Ellis from The Speckled Freckle Party Place to tell us how to throw an affordable soccer themed party. Speckled Freckled Party Place is like a one-stop shop for soccer themed party elements. There is a range of soccer themed plates, cups, napkins, party boxes, balloons and more.

Do you have a little soccer fan? by Melissa Ellis
  1. The first step to any party planning is to decide on your budget. 
  2. Now you are ready to shop for all the partyware, decorations and food. Most kids love the Soccer Party Meal Box - they are a cool way to serve food and impress the youngsters.
  3. Make sure you send out your soccer party invitations at least 2-3 weeks in advance. You could make your own or Speckled Freckle have great fill-in soccer invitations
  4. Decide on your party venue. A soccer party is best held at your local indoor soccer center or at a local park or sports oval (unless you have a large backyard!). When choosing an outdoor venue don’t forget you will need toilet facilities and always have a back-up plan for unexpected bad weather.
  5. I suggest you limit your birthday party to 2 hours, particularly if you are hosting it away from home. A 2 hour party will allow plenty of time for games, food, cake and gifts.
  6. Decorate your home or venue with coordinating soccer themed decorations and tableware. If your missing any bits and pieces don't panic, contact Speckled Freckle for last minute party needs and we'll try to help you out as much as we can.
  7. Always plan more party games than you think. This will allow you to switch to a new party game if one doesn’t seem to be going so well. Divide your party guests into two teams and play an actual game of soccer. Play other fun ball games such as who can kick the ball the furthest, how long can you keep the ball up in the air or have a relay race using your soccer balls.
  8. Keep your party food simple when holding a party at a park or oval. A BBQ or Hotdogs would be a great treat to serve.
  9. Don't forget the birthday candles - party themed candles dress the cake up a bit and give that blowing-out-the-candles moment extra special in the photos.
  10. Be sure to thank your guests by sending them home with a soccer themed party box filled with treats and favours. Or, consider filling a sports water bottle with lollies for a unique party favour.

The Cake
The cake cost me $21 from Woolworths!!! They decorated it for me with the bullets. The only elements I added were the little soccer figures and the candles (available from our store) Bargain! 

These tips are handy for any sport themed party. For more party ideas and advice visit Speckled Freckle Party Place blog.

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  1. great idea! love the soccer theme, especially during this season :)
    i had a soccer theme for my son's 5th birthday and loved the fact that i could buy a chocolate covered in a soccer ball print and I sat it on a cupcake garnished with "green coconut grass". Easy peasy and effective, just like Melissa's! :)


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