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The headache about parties for kids is deciding which theme and shopping for all the themed bits. The great thing about all the online party stores is the amount of inspiration and most stores are categorised by themes so you'll never run out of ideas.

Meet Melissa Ellis who runs Speckled Freckle Party Palace, another very busy WAHM who will be Mathilda's Market, Canberra this weekend! She has many many ideas, if you are planning a party definitely check out her inviting store and blog.

1. How did Speckled Freckle Party Place come about? I always loved parties – costume parties are my favourite! Once I had kids I loved putting on big, over the top, parties for them. I knew parties were my passion and it just seemed right to open a business doing something I love. I researched parties for about 12-18mths and then took my business online. Although I loved the idea of opening a store front or a party room hosting birthday parties, I knew I wanted to have a large family and be able to stay at home with the children while still following my dream. The business has been online now for 2 1/2 years and combined with my 4 children it keeps me very busy.

2. What are some popular party themes? Our most popular party themes are Barnyard, Jungle, Construction, Princess and Pirates.

3. What party themes have you thrown for your children and what has been your favourite (why)? My own children have had many themed parties. We have had a magic theme with a magician, carnival theme with a clown, hawaiian disco, space party, soccer, butterfly, barnyard, pirate and more. My eldest daughter turned 9yrs this year and we did a art and craft party for her which was fun. My youngest will celebrate her 1st birthday in November and we will be having a ladybug themed party.

My favourite party that I have done would have to be the pirate themed party. It was so much fun. All the kids came in costume and dad dressed up as a pirate and helped coordinate the party. We made up games to suit the theme like walk the plank, cannonball, cannonball, pop (duck, duck, goose), pin the treasure on the map and had a treasure hunt. We made some pirate craft and we even themed our party food. Meatballs became cannon balls, shoestring chips were swords and cordial was crocodile blood.  We kept the cake simple by using a Mud Cake and decorated it with gold chocolate coins and a toy skull. See more photos on their facebook page.

4. Have you had any party disaster stories or heard of any? I haven’t had any personal disasters with my parties but I think the biggest problem is when people plan an outdoor party and don’t have a back up plan for bad weather.  I also think the key to a good party is planning and plenty of lists. Another tip is to always plan more kids party games then you think you will need or have time to play. Some kids party games will be more popular then others so by having several games prepared it will allow you to switch to a new party game if one doesn't seem to be going so well.

5. What ideas do you have for your next birthday party? The next party we celebrate will be my daughters 1st birthday party. We will be having a ladybug theme which I am very excited about. We have a new range of ladybug themed tableware which is oh so sweet. I have already brought her the cutest handmade ladybug booties from Etsy and a little red and white dress with a spotty nappy cover and ladybug design on the dress.

6. What is your favourite party item from your store? My favourite item in my store is my party meal boxes.  They are an imported item and hard to find in Australia and they make any party table look extra special. The kids love them! My personal favourite is the Pirate Galleon and the Princess Coach.

7. Whats next for Speckled Freckle Party Place? The Speckled Freckle Party Place is always expanding our party range and looking for new and exciting party themes for your children.  We have goals to move into a local shop front in a few years time (once my children are older) and who know where that will lead us. I have been approached many times from customers in other states who would like me to franchise my business so who knows what could lie ahead us!

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