Paper Scissors Rock Stationery Travelling Store

What is a Travelling Store? It is a great idea, is what it is! Paper Scissors Rock Stationery are taking stationery goods to the next level by bringing their exclusive goodies such as Invite with Style, Belles & Whiselles, Ideas take Flight, Loxx + Savvy (my fav), Paper Eskimo to YOUR home or workplace.
You get to be a host of all that is lovely, invite a few friends have some afternoon tea - it will be a different way to entertain! Nikki (owner of Paper Scissors Rock Stationery) will setup a gorgeous display AND I Dream of Cupcakes cupcakes for your guests to enjoy browsing through the range of stationery even more. This. is. a. brilliant. business. chicks. idea!

Oh, a great bonus is that hosts receive 25% off all purchases!

Read and see more here. Everything you see is also available to purchase online (remember to sign up to their newsletter so you don't miss out on exclusive members sales).

Furthermore, Paper Scissors Rock Stationery stocks a lot of previous guest bloggers and mentions on Chic Mother & Baby's blog such as Montresor's cupcake toppers, Anna from Invite with Style's Party Invitations and Paper Eskimo.


  1. such a billiant idea! love it!!

  2. hey thats pretty cool to even think of that. Wow cupcakes, stationery, the girls.. what a wonderful idea!

  3. Oh thank you ladies. We love it too and since launching has received such great responses. x Nikki

  4. fantastic concept! great work nikki x


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