Our Everest - Black Forest Cake on MasterChef

Chic Mother & Baby officially tested the Black Forest Cake that was featured on Master Chef in one of the Pressure Tests. The recipe was taken from the latest MasterChef Magazine. Spot the difference.

Luckily, Kristy's hubby kept toddler 2 entertained. Uncoated hazelnuts, reading each step about 10 times, feeding Mr 8 months, a huge mess in the kitchen, one sponge layer short, a lot of 'are you sure?' and 3 hours later (their cooking time was 1hr 40mins)... we had a cake.
We had a somewhat leaning tower of Black Forest Cake that looked like an Everest. We both decided that it's definitely worth paying $40+ for a good Black Forest Cake. You appreciate the hard work that goes into a layered and rich tasting cake. Plus shopping for the ingredients cost just about that much. Kristy's husband takes the first taste his words are (he takes a few minutes to carefully phrase his words)... its really sweet and edible.

We have a few tips to share to everyone (unless you are a lot more cake-baking-savvy than us..)
1. Be prepared to make a huge mess (lots of paper towels and sponges necessary)
2. Have A LOT of saucepans, or keep washing them after each use
3. 70% Cocoa is incredibly rich and sweet
4. It takes more time than you think
5. Read each step carefully and break it up to smaller steps
6. Read through and make sure you make a list of all kitchen gadgets needed
7. Different brand ingredients will taste different, particularly the Mascarpone

Did I miss anything Miss Kristy? If you have any handy cake baking tips do share.

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  1. I am not a baker at all but I will ask my hubby if he will give this a try and share it on my blog sometime. I have him on the hunt for a brought choc cake to bring home to me now! Cakes are my weakness with this pregnancy and now Im 36weeks pregnant I better take full advantage cause its almost all over and then I suppose its back to reality of trying to slim down. ah the pressures.


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