Cake Pops

We all love cupcakes and I've noticed a new trend - Cake Pops! These pops are basically cake truffles on a stick and are very simple to prepare (so it says). These are a cute alternative bite size treat, ideal for kids party treats or made to be sophisticated for entertaining guests. Yum Yum!

This will be my weekend project to keep myself occupied. If you've tried this before, would love to hear your tips. Try it yourself - visit Bakerella for all your baking inspiration. My favourite is the baa baa sheep. Miss Bakerella is an artistic genuis!!!


  1. Bakeralla is the cake pop queen, love them. I have tried them before and just made little truffle bites without the cookie sticks. They are pretty delicious.

  2. I heart bakerella *swoon*

    I've made the reindeer ones at Xmas time. Simply DIVINE - though they do take a bit of time, so try them after your toddler has gone to bed.

  3. Love the cake pops! such a nice alternative! and the creativity- unbelievable!!


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