Wine Time: Health Smart Magazine

Thank goodness its Friday! Finally, I am going to have time to enjoy the latest issue of 'HealthSmart'.

There were days I felt I just wanted to get out of slumber. I just wanted to feel motivated to get active. I didn't want to go to the gym all the time or feel like looking after myself would be such a chore. Trying to be the ideal mother, daughter, partner, friend, employee and colleague is exhausting as it is, that it is too easy to forget about 'you'. That's how health lifestyle magazines came into my life (taking a break from fashion, tabloid and design magazines).

I enjoy 'Health Smart'  because it gives you loads of tips to living a healthy and balanced life - nutrition, great recipes, relationship advice managing stress levels, emotional well being, and interesting facts on food and drinks - all delivered in a fashionable manner. It is greatly designed to make an enjoyable read. (This magazine has been around for a while - thank goodness for its new makeover otherwise I would not have noticed it - just makes it feel fun and fashionable)

One of the articles "Pulling the Plug" has given me the idea to make sure that this Friday when I unwind, I am going to make sure that I will have no electronic distractions i.e. computer and phone switched off all night. No temptation to check emails or facebook, no working - just 'me' time and learning something new from words on a printed page.

How do you celebrate 'me' time? Is it as simple as a taking a bath? walk? reading a good old book?

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