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I am sure we all wished we had every baking equipment and kitchen accessory needed. This is why we love Chalet - a cute little shop that sells designer range of kitchenware to make it chic, practical and fun.  The good news it that now you can shop online at Chalet !

I am not a great fan of using disposable icing bags so I upgraded to "I did it myself" Decoration Sets by Chalet. I love that it has different icing tips and packaged in a little case.

Perfect gift ideas suitable for any price range.


  1. You just sold me on the icing sets, but did you see the chimp sticks? So cute, and the ideal thing for my young boys who love the chopsticks, but can't even attempt to eat with them. I added a couple of those to my order... :-)

  2. awesome... i should totally get commission! I wish :)


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