Trend Alert: Hoodies

Hoodies aren't just for hoodlums - they are super urban chic for kids as modeled by the beautiful Poppy De La Vega, aged 3 who loves dancing and twirling in tutus.

A little fashion history: In the 1970's, hip hop culture emerged and the hoodie trend took off cause of the anonymity hoodies offered. It was the clothing choice for criminals but this notoriety became a fashion trend that eventually was embraced by high end fashion labels.

The popularity of hoodies spread all over becoming apart of different subcultures fashion like skateboarders, surfers, gymers and dancers. Afterall, they are the most comfortable and often warm clothes.

Check out Chic Mother and Baby's hoodie range for boys and girls.

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  1. Thanks for featuring Poppy in your Hoodie feature. Love it!


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