The Memory Shelf.

the memory shelf

The Memory Shelf is a new and upcoming store by Kirsty Barber -  she has come up with a practical and organised solution to keeping your baby photos and keepsake items forever.  Chic Mother and Baby and her have something huge in common - our love for Scandinavian design. This is exactly what her current products are about - minimalist and cute enough to put these memory boxes on the bookshelf instead of using shoeboxes and hiding them under the bed.

The Memory Shelf have a current special at the moment offering a 15% off special. Visit Babyology for more details!

I was lucky enough to find out more about Kirsty Barber and her story...

1. How did The Memory Shelf begin?
The Memory Shelf started with the simple idea of providing families with a safe and stylish solution for storing their keepsakes.  I realised that I was collecting so many keepsakes for each of my children that I needed somewhere special to store them and keep them organised. I wanted to find a storage solution that was durable, archival friendly and stylish at the same time. So I created a range of memory boxes made from archival grade plastic with four gorgeous designs for babies and kids.

2. What has been your favourite memory?
Since having my own children I have begun to treasure all of the special things my Mother has kept from my childhood, like favourite books, a few toys and postcards/letters I received as a child. I'm now reading the books that belonged to me as a child to my own children, and it really makes my heart glow warm.  Which is why I want to make sure I'm keeping these special things for my own children.

3. Which designers, artists or creative people inspire you?
I love design and there are so many talented and creative Mums out there that I would love to be like. At the moment my favourite designer is Sandra Isaksson. I love Swedish design!

4. What is the most chic item you own?
Mmm... probably my new glass bird paperweight I just bought for my new home office. It was a Mother's Day gift to myself and it's gorgeous!

5. Lastly, what is next for the Memory Shelf?
The Memory Shelf has just launched so we are concentrating hard on getting ourselves known so we can share our wonderful memory boxes, memory books, photo albums with everyone.

I predict that The Memory Shelf will be a huge success to the likes of kikki.K (my other love :)


  1. Memory shelf is really a good way to keep our beloved memories fresh. I strongly agree that every family should have their own memory shelf in their homes. Its really nice way to preserve those precious moments of your life .

  2. I like the name memory shelf, its a very good idea and does remind me of kikki. I definitely keeping this in mind for baby shower present.


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