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BOWTique specialises in making custom hair bows, headbands, hats and tutus for little girls. Bowtique's products are perfect for birthdays, special occasions, dress up, photos and making every girl feel like a princess.

I was lucky to get to know a bit more behind the face of BOWtique, Christie Blizzard and gave her a few Chic Mother & Baby challenges.

1. How would you style Alex & Ant Print Bag L/S with Bowtique's accessories? 100% add a beanie and bow set for the winter and some huggalugs too! Keeping her warm but adding some more texture and If it is for a wee little one, I would also add some Frilly Tushies to wear underneath!

2. Little toddler wants to wear the Fresh Baked Skinny Grey Cords to a birthday party but is not a girly girl. What do you suggest? I LOVE this outfit! I think it could be dressed up and made more party friendly by adding a MASSIVE OVERSTATED bow! A beautiful black lace one would take this from tom boy to sophisticated-chic in minutes! This is one of my favourite things to do - take an everyday outfit that you child LOVES to wear and change it with one simple accessory! She will be happy and you will be snapping photos all day long!

3. What is the cutest outfit your daughter owns? I must be honest and say since we had Addi days of shopping for myself are gone! Addi's wardrobe far outweighs the calibre of mine! She has some beautiful Ralph Lauren and Wheels and Doll Baby outfits, as well as Bardot (which is one of my favourite children's labels) and her latest pieces are some stunning outfits by Tea Princess (as I could not stop at just one)!


1. How did Bowtique start? My daughter Addi was born with a full head of hair and it all fell out! I dressed her in pink and floral, but no matter how "girlie" i dressed her, people always asked me how old "he" was? I then made her a big bow to wear to a friend's christening, from there I had requests for custom pieces and it just grew and grew!

2. What is your workspace like? We are renovating and it has been a challenge, but finally I have a great new space! See her photos on facebook.

3. Biggest challenge you face running your own business? Juggling family and work commitments - timing making things with raising my little girl

4. Which is your favourite (sorry, you have to choose one!)? I love the new gelato headbands.

5. What is your favourite colour palette? I personally love olives and mustards, but I work a lot with pinks and reds... I love colours that get noticed!

6. Which colour has been the hardest to work with? Not so much colour, but texture. I find feathers a little challenging sometimes as they get everywhere!!!!

7. What is your solution in a scenario where at a photoshoot,  the little girl model is extremely fussy (you know how demanding toddlers can be) and won't wear the selected hair piece but its soooo fabulous and will make the outfit? I always make things a "game" with my little girl. You can always put a spin on things to make thing that are challenging fun! That is my life philosophy.

8. Have you had any custom orders for boy accessories? What kind of accessories can boys have?
This is a scoop! BEAUtique is coming very soon - bow ties and more! [mina: I am super excited about this]

9. Finally, So what's next for BOWtique? BEAUtique is a little branch I am expanding to, but I am hoping for a huge summer with great new customers and more days filled with beautiful ribbons, flowers and my daughter with me every step of the way. Working from home with her is a dream come true!

Bowtique is constantly expanding and adding in new custom made accessories on her FB page so be sure to be a fan!


  1. How gorgeous are those bows!!! I want to get it for my niece. Aww now I wish I had a little girl. Cant wait to see the boys range!!!

  2. AnonymousJune 01, 2010

    We are aiming at people buying gifts for little boys - parents, grandparents, other family

    members and friends. We are aiming at someone who wants to buy something different that

    cannot be purchased on the high street.

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  4. For those of you wondering, the beautiful skull outfit is from A Little Bit of Cheek! xxx


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