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Ah Babushkas brings me back to my trip in Krakow, Poland where I stayed in a little village with my friend's 80 year old grandma who we called Babooshka! We made jam and preserved all the fruit and vegetables freshly picked from the farm - all in preparation for the winter months! It was a wonderful experience where it was a barter system between neighbours. For example, "I'll give you our cow's milk in exchange for your hen's eggs"
{1} Monstar Babooshka Long Sleeve Tee {2} Princess Tina: Babushka Pin {3} Buttons by Lou Lou {4} Babushka Salt & Pepper Shakers (very old from Anthropologie){5} Interesting cosmetic packaging 
{6} Babushka Messenger Bag @ MeeaBee


  1. Beautiful!! Love the cosmetic packaging! Very cool :)

  2. Oh I love that story. It is just how I imagine life in Eastern Europe!

    Thanks for featuring the Mee a Bee messenger bag. It's in great company, such pretty finds.

    in Japan

  3. o yeh, hot water turned off at 7pm and on again at 7am. even made potato based pancakes where we picked the potatoes and then finely grated it (took like hours) to do fill a tub !

  4. Thanks for including my little magnets. Babushka dolls are just so cute! Lou.


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